The Evolution Ape Man Chart and the Nebraska Man

Published: 30th March 2010
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It was difficult finding any fossils that appeared to be 'ape-men' to fill in the Evolution ape man chart during the first few decades of the theory. By the year 1925 there had been two or three of these. The Piltdown man was being used as an example of human evolution (which later turned out to be a hoax) and there was Java man (which was later shown to be the combination of two bones from different species).

Many Darwinists wished to place the theory of evolution into the schools but were finding it very difficult. They eventually decided to have a spectacular 'circus' type event to gain attention for the theory. It was named the Scopes Trial and was later deemed 'The Monkey Trial'.

It was more of a spectacle than a real trial. With widespread national attention that was given to this event, it was important that the evolutionists "made a splash". And they did with a new 'ape-man' which was called The Nebraska Man.

This 'man' was drawn from one single tooth. The opposition cried "foul" because it was sprung on them without any prior warning and no chance to observe the fossil ahead of time.

The evolutionists alleged that the anti-evolutionists simply could not accept any new evidence that was contrary to their preconceived ideas.

After the 'smoke had cleared', the evolutionists had walked away with an outright victory (technically they lost the 'trial' but won the national approval by many). The enormous amount of attention given to this event was successful. This 'ape-man' helped put evolution into the schools and onto the national map

Weeks later it was discovered that this tooth that had been used to draw The Nebraska Man had actually come from an extinct pig.

But the desired outcome had already been accomplished. The attention that this discovery (that it was from an extinct pig) received was miniscule in comparison to the amount that the 'trial' had received.

The Piltdown Man, The Java Man and The Nebraska Man were the 'ape-men' that had given credence to the human evolution concept for the first few decades of the theory. By the 1950's all of them had been exposed as frauds or horrendous science. But by that time the theory had gotten a foothold into the education of America.

Today, the evolution ape man chart for human evolution is no better than it was then. Although we have been told (and our schools are still teaching today) that the human evolution chart is based on fact, reality is the exact opposite.

Besides having to remove 'ancestors' like the Piltdown Man and Nebraska Man, other flaws also exist with this chart. All of the 'ape-men' are either 100% ape or 100% human. Even the Australopithicus fossils (which include 'Lucy') are completely ape (although extinct). And Neanderthals are now considered to be one hundred percent human. There is still nothing to tie the two together.

The 'human evolution' chart,in order to be accurate would show only one hundred percent apes and one hundred percent humanswith a huge amount of space separating them. I.e. No evolution has ever occurred between any apes and humans and the so called 'evolution ape man chart' ought to be completely discarded.

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