Evolution of Man Chart and the Scientific Facts

Published: 30th March 2010
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For most of us evolution has been taught to us as a fact. The theory went as far as to say that man evolved from apes. This idea of 'the evolution of man chart' has been having major setbacks over the last few decades. As a matter of fact the whole idea seems to be completely unraveling.

Our schools and universities are teaching us that the evolution theory is gaining scientific evidence with each new discovery. For those that look a little below the surface (look other places other than typical textbooks and nature shows) the story is quite different.

The last few decades have revealed a very large number of problems with Darwin's theory of evolution.

The idea that humans evolved from apes has certainly taken some of the hardest hits.. For those that have done research on the ape-to -man chart are aware that this chart is very suspect at best. The pressure to find links between apes and man has helped cause the acceptance of hoaxes, junk science and even outright frauds. Whether it was Java Man (extremely poor science), Piltdown Man (a hoax that helped establish the idea of human evolution for four decades) or the very highly publicized Nebraska Man (it was drawn from one tooth that was later discovered to be from an extinct pig), the specimens have not turned out to be very good.

Since those beginning days the examples have not improved by much. The fossils of the Australopithecus (including the famous Lucy) seem to be nothing more than apes. The only verifiable fossils appear to be completely human or completely ape. And this includes the 100% human Neanderthals. No fossil whatsoever has ever tied any kind of apes to any kind of human.

Scientific advancements have not helped the idea of apes evolving into humans. It used to be thought that the difference between apes and humans was approximately 3% (DNA evidence, structure of the cell as well as other factors). In reality, 3% is an incredibly huge difference and would require literally 10's of millions of years to evolve even with ideal conditions. (The human evolution process from apes is supposed to have occured in the last 3 or 4 million years.)

Recent evidence now reveals that the difference is much closer to ten percent. This complicates the issue by multiplying the amount of time needed for the evolution of humans (Because of all of the new discoveries in micro-biology). The amount of time that was given in the past for apes to evolve into humans was entirely too short even according to evolution timetables. And that is considering conditions that are nearly perfect for the evolution process.

This doesn't even take into account the fact that the vehicle for the evolution process to occur is by mutations. Mutations are always harmful, deadly or, at best neutral so evolution could not have taken place through mutations. These mutations always subtract information in the inner workings of an organism or creature. (Down's Syndrome is one example of a mutation).

There is absolutely no verification of any kind that indicates that apes evolved into humans. Or that they could have evolved from the same creature.

So what are we looking at when we see the 'evolution of man charts'? Just apes and humans arranged with ingenuity, imagination and creativity mixed in.

These attributes may be needed to produce literature, poetry and drama productions. But there is no room for them in science.

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