Creationism vs Evolution The chart of Human Evolution

Published: 30th March 2010
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The chart of human evolution is one of the icons of evolution in the creationism vs. evolution debate. It appears to present to us exactly how apes evolved into human beings. But does it really?

This chart is one of the most important 'proofs' to support Darwinism. Over the last few decades, this chart has changed. Some of the so called ‘ape-men’ have been completely removed (because they ended up being hoaxes or just unscientific.

The Piltdown Man, one of the most influential of all of the ‘ape-men’ that helped establish the theory of evolution, ended up being nothing more than a hoax. Bones were altered and colored to make it look like it was an ape-man. This influenced the science world for four decades before it was discovered to be a fraud.

The Nebraska Man was almost as influential. It was drawn from one tooth and was used in the much publicized ‘monkey trial’ or Scopes trial. This Nebraska Man was very influential in establishing the theory of evolution in our schools. Months later it was discovered that the tooth that this ‘ape-man’ was drawn from was from an extinct pig. Unfortunately, the news of this discovery was not covered near as well as the ‘monkey trial’.
Java Man was also touted as an ape-man. It seemed to be a ‘sure thing’. Later it was discovered that this ‘ape-man’ was found in a layer where apes and humans had lived together.
Neanderthal Man was drawn to be a cave man like creature. They were drawn bent over (one of them did have a disease that caused this) but would look completely human today.
In more recent years it has been the Australopithecus fossils that have received much of the attention (including Lucy). These creatures were drawn to look like they were evolving into humans. Many agree that they were nothing more than extinct apes.

There have been others fossils that have been claimed to be links to humans over the years. None of them have born out. There are still various fragments of skulls and other parts of various creatures. Most of them are just that… pieces that leave more questions than answers.

But there never have been any verifiable ‘ape-men’ discovered. Not one.

If we were to look at a human evolution chart today and remove the frauds and admitted mistakes, all that would be left are apes on one side (including extinct ones) and humans (including the extinct Neanderthals). The chart would be blank in the middle where all of the ’ape-men’ should be.

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